The Flintman Company are curious about materials and exploring creative and innovative ways to use them. By combining traditional techniques with current technology we specialise in a diverse range of projects in many disciplines, including architecture, furniture, sculpture and public art. We are dedicated to encouraging good practice.

Our innovative approach combines experience, knowledge and research, with an open-mind to experimentation and design. We aspire to create something new, exciting and possibly different, while retaining the integrity of the tradition.

From an arts and conservation background, we are interested in the relationship between vernacular history, materials and place, developed into a modern context. We are as much interested in light, texture and form as function.

A wealth of experience, from the early stages of design and feasibility, all the way to completion, means that the Flintman Company are able to produce high quality work that is both engaging and shows integrity.

With a reputation for attention to aesthetic detail, we are particularly enthusiastic to promote the use of flint and chalk and exceed their perceived limitations.

Our specialist knowledge of flint is underpinned by over 30 years’experience working with architects, galleries, private clients, main contractors and conservation organisations. When appropriate we enjoy and value the opportunity of collaboration. The final outcome arrives after developing and balancing function, context, materials, and budget.

We are a long established and experienced company dedicated to promoting the traditional and innovative potential of geologic materials.