Japan Obsidian and Flint Commission

In 2015 Flintman completed an International Exchange Memorial Panel in Nagawa-Machi, Japan. Using flint and obsidian, the panel commemorates the beginning of the relationship between Nagawa-Machi and Thetford, UK, newly forged to promote further understanding and interchange between the two towns.

The three windows represent past, present and future. Obsidian and flint, buried in the ground of their respective towns, are the ‘gift from nature’. The latex background has been taken from the stratum of a white pyroclatic flow that is local to the area. The obsidian mosaic pattern inside each window is known as ‘the plane of Gaussian prime’. It is believed in Japanese culture that the repartition in the plane spreads in all directions from the centre to infinity. This pattern is said to mean ‘unlimited potential’ and seen as the symbol of ‘love and peace’. A never failing relationship that people in the past, present and future should nurture.

Completed: 2016