Not to everyone’s taste, gallets are fine shards of flint that are placed within the mortar joint. They can be used either in random or coursed flint work. This style is not found everywhere and is most common in West Sussex and the North Coast of Norfolk. Gallets can aesthetically pleasing. The style of galleting can vary from densely packed and flowing, to straight and regimented. The peak use of this style was the 18th Century.

There is some debate concerning its origin and the reasons for its use. There is historical evidence that gallets were used to ‘key in’ a render finish or used on defensive or fortified buildings. However, it is clear that the more dense and detailed gallet work was undertaken purely on aesthetic grounds. Undertaking this work is not for the impatient or the faint hearted: continually pushing sharp gallets into the mortar with your fingers is tiring and soon starts to hurt!