This year the Flintman Company will continue to run its well-established one day practical courses on flint, and its use in architecture. These courses are aimed at private individuals as well as Architects and Conservation and Planning Officers. Regular courses are held in East Sussex, the Chilterns and Oxfordshire.

The use of traditional building materials such as flint is an essential element in the promotion of ‘local distinctiveness’. Our courses emphasise the importance of flint as a material and of good practice in flint construction and conservation. Here, we provide a brief description of our course on repairing flint structures. Other courses follow a similar pattern.

The emphasis of the day is  both practical and informative. The first part of the morning is split between: flints history, styles and good building practice and mortars analysis, looking at lime, matching and making. The rest of the day is spent ‘hands on’: mixing mortars, (re)pointing and preparing and relaying flints. Throughout the day discussion and debate revolve around the needs and concerns of both the contractor and the planning supervisor. Advice is given on determining the condition of walls: What to specify? Which flints to use? Which sand? Which lime? Where can you get supplies from? Where to obtain further advice? Please use the contact form to find the latest scheduled course dates.