Flint House

The Flint House was completed at the end of 2014. It has been featured in numerous articles and publications. It has received numerous awards. Of particular note, 2015 the Flint House was awarded RIBA South Award, the RIBA South Building of the Year, the RIBA National Award and in November 2015 and was selected as the RIBA House of the Year 2015.

The RIBA commented ‘This rare example of a poetic narrative whose realisation remains true to the original concept. The innovation and beauty of the scheme is particularly evident in the detail of the cladding. It consists of a varying use of flint that starts at its base as snapped flint and slowly changes in construction and texture until it becomes chalk walling at the highest point. This gives both a feeling of varying geological strata with the building dissolving as it reaches to the sky.

The building is an example of an innovative piece of architecture that suggests a typology for the one-off house that is not an object in the landscape but is of the landscape; yet is not so deferential to nature, that it isn’t challenging, dramatic, and most of all poetic’.

Architect: Skene Catling de la Pena

Completed: 2014


2015    RIBA House of the Year, Winner.
2015    RIBA Stirling Prize. Longlist.
2015    RIBA National Award.
2015    RIBA South Building of the Year Award.
2015    RIBA South Award.
2015    WAF Best House. Shortlist.
2015    AVDC Best Building.
2016    National Stone Awards New Build Modern. Winner.